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The 4x8 ft. flatbed router's milling applications include, but are NOT limited to:

fine art
furniture retail displays
architectural millwork interior design
prototype modeling tradeshow exhibits
musical instruments promotional pieces

We work with wood, plastics & foams. The router has a Z-height clearance of up to 7 inches to allow for 3D designs.

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The technology of manufacturing cabinet boxes, doors, drawer fronts, shelves and even countertops with our robotic tool allows for volume, precision, and customization. Using our CNC technology, cabinetmakers are able to increase production throughput, while minimizing material handling.


Signage & Exhibits

Acrylic Signage

Wooden Signage

ShopBots are used in signmaking to carve images in wood and foam, to cut plastic letters, and to intricately machine all sorts of graphic objects and letters. Full 3D cutting capabilities allow cutting and machining of so many things. Our CNC also allows trade show exhibit companies to work with a wide variety of materials to meet the needs of their customer. Millwork and sign making skills come together to showcase clients' brands. See our sign support services


Furniture, Architectural Millwork,

& Interior Design


Our CNC tool provides builders, designers, and remodeling professionals new capabilities to produce distinctive work. Carvings, trim, arches and various architectural forms can be reproduced for remodeling work or created for new designs. With our powerful, software and CNC router, we can carve beautiful unique parts for any project.


Large Production Runs & Promotional Pieces

Production operations from drilling and trimming to more complex milling or machining are easily customized and incorporated into cellular production operations. Whether it's 500 pieces or a simple one-off, we can meet your marketing needs.


Artist Services

Fine Art


Digital fabrication is breaking new ground as a cutting-edge artistic medium. Templates provide artists & craftspeople with a quick and easy solution to creating perfect pieces.



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